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Telephone consultation
(30 minutes) Free
An informal conversation to discuss your concerns and decide if this is the right service for your child
Initial assessment of emotional or developmental difficulties 
Initial assessment

£180 short summary letter £250 with report .This can be a stand alone assessment to see if a diagnostic assessment for ASD, ADHD or Tics/Tourettes Syndrome is required or if another intervention is required such as therapeutic family and or child support.
Please note: This assessment is to screen for neuro-developmental difficulties and any other emotional or behavioral difficulties- Recommendations will be made for any further assessment or treatment. This can be used as referral to the NHS where appropriate. Information may need to be gathered from the school.
Supervision  & Training
£100 per hour.
Clinical supervision offered to Mental Health Nurses or Mental Health Practitioners using psychological therapy skills for anxiety and depression and those working with  clients who have ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
 I also offer training packages and or consultation is offered to professionals or groups of parents in adult or child and adolescent mental health disorders to include Autism and ADHD.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
£110 per hour for face to face sessions.
£85 per hour for online sessions.
CBITS Behavioral Therapy for Tics 
£110 per hour face to face
£85 for online sessions
ADHD diagnostic assessment
This assessment is carried out with the child and parents and takes approximately 3 hours. Further information may be needed from the school. A full report with recommendations and resources will be provided.
ADHD and ASD assessments combined 
Assessment for both will include the above described for ASD and ADHD assessments and will be combined. 
This can take approximately 6 hours and will involve two clinicians. This can be split into two sessions in one day or two sessions of different days if desired. 
Autistic Spectrum Disorder diagnostic assessment
Child assessment 
This will include a play based and interview style, lasting approximately 1-1.5 hours
Parent interview
to take a developmental and family history lasting up to 3- 4 hours. This will involve 2 clinicians.
A full report with recommendations and resources will be provided.
Please note: Additional face to face feedback or parent training sessions can be provided at £110 per hour (optional)
Once you have had a telephone consultation there is no obligation to move forward unless you wish to do so.
I also offer virtual consultations and some virtual services such as assessments and therapy.
Get in touch to arrange your free 30 minute initial consultation
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