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ADULT, 2020

I had a vocal tic that was interrupting my speech. After working with Nicola the tic is so much better - to the point where people are actually commenting on how much it's improved. And all over zoom too!

FAMILY, 2020

Having struggled with concerns over aspects of my daughter's mindset and behavior since she was a baby, coupled with increasing evidence of barriers to her learning it was an enormous relief to work with Nicola to identify some of the reasons underlying these characteristics. Her approach is child-centered and based on data analysis, but taking a holistic view of the wider environment, family and school setting. I trust her conclusions and appreciated the balance, kindness and honesty with which the process took place.  Most importantly it was not frightening or challenging for my daughter who participated willingly due to how the assessment process was constructed

FAMILY, 2019

Nicola was able to rule out some things that my husband and I were worried about with our 9 year old son and suggest another way of looking at his behavior and recommend the type of support he should be getting

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